The Run Free project is the Jamaican iteration of Jump, a Parkour and Physical Theatre programme that invites young people to examine their lives by creating a narrative, inspired by their own stories, that is akin to the “Hero’s Journey.” The adolescents’ personal narratives are translated into script, movement, music and performance. Throughout this process, each individual is offered an opportunity to explore their place in the world, build resilience, develop physical fitness, connect with their peers and learn the power of shared effort and play. 

Since its inception in Jamaica in 2014, the Run Free project has progressed in scope and impact from a one-week introduction to Parkour, to an international performance exchange for 11 young men from Parade Gardens, Kingston, as chronicled in Run Free: The Documentary. We’re currently exploring partnerships with organisations in St. Elizabeth, St. Ann and St. Thomas, in an attempt to launch a second iteration of the programme.

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Partners: British Council, National Theatre of Scotland, The Necessary Space, C.H.A.SE. Fund